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Driven, genuine, and typically bunned.

I'm Bailey Kass, a user-focused designer and thinker. I recently graduated from Western Washington University's Design BFA program with a beloved minor in psychology and have since skipped down the coast to design at Ticketfly in San Francisco. 

I love design that brings ideas to life, prompts action, and evokes emotion; I'm always applying these principles while working to maintain truth to intent of content and users. What else do I bring to the table? A firm belief in following my gut, and that a strategic combination of Beyoncé and Kristen Wiig personalities can change this world for the better. A plethora of FRIENDS references and bad puns. Dreams of one day designing the Olympics and owning a sailboat with my future dog companion, Sirius. Last but foremost, a desire to help living beings and create dope stuff for brands and products I can get behind.